Hindu Customs-Mysteries Explored

Mysteries Explored: Shocking science behind Hindu traditions: Indian Customs Vs Scientific Reasons Traditions in Hinduism were considered mainly as superstitions, but with the advent of science, it is becoming evident that these traditions are based on some scientific knowledge and moved from generations to generations as traditions. Though…

Cashing on name of church

Many people don’t believe that pastors can make much money. However, these pastors will show you that they can indeed make the big bucks! Learn about the huge net worth of the richest mega pastors in America. Now you will know WHY THERE IS NO PEACE IN WORLD.IT IS MONEY MATTERS BETWEEN ALL CHURCES,MOSQUE AND… Continue reading Cashing on name of church

Passport to terrorism by Muslim in Europe

Terrorists’ fast train to Britain: Mail exposes shocking security flaws that allow ANYONE to get to the UK on Eurostar without a passport Terrorists could use loophole to arrive in UK without having to show passport Passengers could board Eurostar in Brussels to Lille, France, but stay on train It has been described as a […]… Continue reading Passport to terrorism by Muslim in Europe