Chinese foods-Poison-stay away

Even after knowing that Chinese foods are risky and not trustworthy, why USA let Chinese export food products to USA?

“The way it is manufactured, they don’t have the same laws and regulatory systems that we do in the U.S. Inherently, yeah, imported food manufactured overseas is probably riskier, ” said Dan Solis, the FDA Director of Import Operations in Los Angeles.

On December 18, 2016, Bi Jingquan, the head of the China Food and Drug Administration said the food safety department conducted 15 million inspections within the first nine months of 2016, finding 500,000 illegal behavior incidents.

Consumer Reports published their own results which showed 10 percent of apple juices sampled exceeded arsenic levels equivalent to drinking-water standards. The arsenic found was not organic but the toxic, dangerous kind.

China is the biggest manufacturer of salt in the world. Studies show that of the 90 million produced annually, 91 percent is non-edible as it is mixed with heavy metals and other substances

Cod fish ,in fact no other fish should be eaten coming from China. In 2013, China is allowed to import chicken also so DO NOT BUY CHICKEN COMING AND MADE AND PROCESSED IN CHINA.

Unfortunately, garlic is sprayed with pesticides containing methyl bromide. This compound is also used in killing rodents.

Mushrooms are sprayed with calcium, sodium sulfite to make it look fresh.

Green pees are colored with chemicals.

Sweet potatoes noodles were recently tainted w paraffin wax and color.

11 of 40 popular soy sauce products contain 4-methylimidazole. The World Health Organization lists the chemical as a carcinogen.

Tapioca pearls- In 2012, researchers from the University Hospital Aachen in Germany, found aspolychlorinated biphenyls in the chewy pearls. The chemicals are known to cause cancer, affect the immune system, reproductive system, nervous system, and endocrine system

Tofu -In 2012, food safety inspectors in Hunan Province have found tofu manufacturers use feces, and iron sulfate to speed up the ferment process.







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