West Bengal, India ready to become another Kashmir

How West Bengal is Heading to become next Kashmir in India

Just like Sonia Gandhi being italian citizen hide her real name, Antonia Edvige Albina Maino, and christian identity to bluff 80% of Hindus in India. Similarly, some muslim leaders in India are using Hindu names to bluff Indians and establish islamic rule in India.

Mamata Banerjee Original Name: Mamta Banerjee’s real past on religion has discrepancies, is different on different books and references. But since we deal with present facts – We would stick to present truth that Mamta Banerjee is a muslim, prays to allah and is privately known as Maassama Khatoon. No wonder, she speaks Urdu fluently than national language Hindi. True to being a fanatic muslim woman – Mamta Khatun never don nose ring, sometimes use ear-rings, her forehead never has bindiya like a radical muslim women. She has put  her knowledge of islam on appeasing muslims and treating Hindus in West Bengal as third grade citizens.


Applauds her love towards islamic culture, as she earned a master’s degree in Islamic History from the University of Calcutta – she always boast on this fact, whenever she meet muslim clerics.

Know How Mumtaz Maassama Khatoon alias Mamata Banerjee is turning West Bengal into Waste Bengal, by infesting the state with islamic fundamentalists.

West Bengal following UP is also on the verge of becoming another islamic state within ‘secular’ India. Some idiot Hindus love that word ‘secular’ more than their own mother and father.

Trinamool Congress, TMC Links with Bangladeshi Terrorist and Radical Groups

The Anand Bazar Patrika report “Before 2011, the Jamaat helped Trinamool with huge funds secretly transferred across the border. Imran played a key role in it. “Later when the Jamaat faced government’s ire during its opposition to war crimes trials, it received funds from Trinamool which had come to power in 2011 and many of whose leaders were ministers in the Manmohan Singh government,” the Ananda Bazar Patrika report said, quoting extensively from a detailed report it claims was given to India by Bangladesh intelligence.

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Terrorism Background of Anti-National TMC Leader Ahmed Hassan Imran

Ahmed Hassan Imran is a Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal at present.

In 1975-76 he founded a radical group West Bengal Muslim Students Association. In 1977, Imran co-founded the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Aligarh Muslim University in Uttar Pradesh, SIMI is same organization which paved way for IM (Indian Mujaheddin, a terrorist organization responsible for series of bomb blasts in cities of India).

Imran became the president of the West Bengal unit of the radical organization (SIMI) and held the position till 1980. Even after relinquishing the position, Imran remained the primary organizer and spokesperson of the organization till it was banned in 2001. In 1981, he started publishing Kalom as the monthly Bengali mouthpiece of SIMI. Kalom continued to be published as a monthly till 1994 and which also helped SIMI to be spread throughout West Bengal during that time.

How did the Saradha Scam money reach Islamists Under Mamata Banerjee, TMC Govt ?

The money from Saradha group was stuffed into bags, smuggled into Bangladesh and the BSF’s activity was allegedly manned by TMC MP Ahmed Hassan Imran.

As per an New Indian Express report, “The CBI and ED learnt that the funds collected from the public, through Saradha’s chit fund schemes, were centrally deposited at the group’s offices in Salt Lake. After being accounted for, hundreds of crores were transported to various centres close to the Indo-Bangladesh border.” Saradha group, with the help of a Kolkata based money exchanger, had allegedly sent illegal money to Bangladesh.

The report further said, “The cash was put in huge bags and taken by ambulances belonging to the Saradha group. The Indian currency was then secretly converted to Bangladeshi Taka and European currencies at a “Foreign Currency Convertor Centre”, belonging to a man from Kolkata.”

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How did TMC routed money to Jamaat (muslim groups) from Saradha Scam?

Reports claim that the money with which Trinamool leaders funded Jamaat after 2011 came from Saradha coffers. The Saradha money was utilised by Jamaat to trigger and fund violence against Bangladesh government.

Reports also suggest that West Bengal chief Minister’s links with the Saradha Group date back to 2010 when she was the Railway Minister.

Mamata’s connection with Saradha Group helped the party receive money for campaigning and winning the 2011 Vidhan Sabha elections and also the 2014 Lok Sabha election. If the reports are to believed then this seems to be a case of quid pro quo where TMC funded these radical groups and these groups returned the favour when the party needed money for campaigning in the 2011 and 2014 elections.

BJP’s assessment on Terrorism Activities of Mamata Banerjee and TMC Govt

“Bangladesh government and intelligence agencies have been raising Imran’s connection with the Jamaat. West Bengal CM’s have always maintained very good relations with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina. But, TMC supremo stopped such age old traditions between the two governments just to appease Jamaat.

Mamata Banerjee didn’t even congratulate Hasina when she was re-elected as PM of Bangladesh as this gesture would not have gone down well with Jamaat,” West Bengal BJP’s president Rahul Sinha told Niticentral. Ever since Saradha scam expose, Mamata, who is a very flamboyant leader, has maintained her silence on the entire issue.

This has given a fodder to her rivals to target her. “You (Mamata) are not protesting against duping of 17 lakh investors in the Saradha scam and coming down on the streets, because your own associates and stooges are involved. We need an answer to who took away the Saradha scam money.

“We are not afraid of anyone because our workers are not involved in any scam. Whether it’s Saradha or anything else, we will do the work of arresting and putting the culprits behind bars,” BJP president Amit Shah had said in a rally in central Kolkata.

“More than 2,000 farmers had lost their land in Nandigram and Singur and you had gone on fast protesting against that injustice. But in this Saradha scam more than 17 lakh people of Bengal have lost their deposits,” Shah had said.

Shah had also stated that Bangladeshi infiltration has gone up by five times in the Trinamool regime as Mamata Banerjee was only pursuing politics rather than developing the state. The report sums up the apathy that corrupt and anti-national Mamata Banerjee has for India.

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Its high time Hindus take the responsibility in their hands and RETALIATE.

Islamizing Railways Revoking Traditional Hindu values

Few years back Railway Ministry under Khatoon Mamta Banerjee alias Maassama, issued orders to remove all Hindu religious symbols and Images of Hindu gods from Train and also placed a blanket ban on performing traditional pooja’s prior to the take off of a new Train – Reason told was – India is a Secular country and we should not offend Minorities by such Public display of our beliefs!

But the very same Ministry issued several advertisements (which continues even to this day on muslim non-Vedic festivals) with a picture of Model cum Minister Mamata Banerji (Begum) offering namaz with Photograph of Mecca Mosques in it – reason again – To upheld Secularism- By this Ad, according to Trinamool spokesman “Mamata is bridging the gap between Muslims and Hindus’!

Why Hindu symbols and festivals cannot be used to bridge gap but instead abolish the existing Hindu values from govt departments and invoke muslim traditions ? – is the question that still remain unanswered by Begum Mamta herself.

Local news papers including Hindustan Times reported that:

Over the last several months, around 10,000 Rohingya Muslims have infiltrated into India through West Bengal route and are staying in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. About 3,000 of them are now in and around New Delhi and are staying at various mosques.

Former vice-chancellor of Jamia Milia Islamia University, Nawab Zafar Jung, has taken up their cause, along with some Leftist student unions based in Jawharlal Nehru University (JNU), who demand the Rohingya Muslims be given the status of refugees.

True to their islamic radicalism, even educated muslims keep religion above country and illegal intruders are expected to be given a refugee status so that later they can be slowly amalgamated with Indians. As it is with the same modus operandi, that we have seen huge surge of Bangladeshi muslims across India.

So Islamic West Bengal is not just curse for their existence but also for India as a whole – which is very danger for sovereignty of India.

Terrorism Breeders Got Salaries from Maassama Khatoon alias Mamata Benerjee

Another anti-Hindu incident was stopped by BJP petitioners, few months back, Calcutta High Court scrapped Mamata Banerjee’s stipend to imams

The Calcutta High Court ordered the West Bengal government to stop payment of a monthly stipend to thousands of imams and muezzins in the state. These were paid after taking money from Hindu tax payers.

Over 70% illegal tradings are done by muslims and illegal Bangladeshis – and they never pay single paisa as a tax.

Imams and muezzins are people who organise prayers in a mosque. For more than a year, Chief Minister Khatoon Mamata Banerjee’s government had been paying more than 30,000 imams in the state Rs. 2500 per month and over 15,000 muezzins Rs. 1500. Burning crores of tax payers money, mostly collected from Hindus.

Only Muslims benefit Jainese, Buddhists, Hindu SC/STs are ill-treated

The allegation is rather serious in as much as none can be discriminated on the ground of religion ordinarily.

Actually, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsees) have been notified as minority communities under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. As per Census 2001, the percentage of minorities in the country is about 18.4% of the total population of the country, of which Muslims are 13.4%; Christians 2.3%; Sikhs 1.9%, Buddhists 0.8% and Parsees 0.007%. But, the 0.4% Jains were not included in the Section 2 (c) of the NCMA, 1992 under a certain conspiracy. When all the census from 1951 (post independence) were conducted under a segregation of  Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains from Hindus, then why the minority status of the Jains are not conferred to them?

In 2007, Jains were included in the minority list of West Bengal through an important legislation. On 27th Sept, West Bengal government  accorded minority status to the Jain community in response to their long-pending demand.

“So far Muslim, Buddhist, Parsee, Christian and Sikh communities were included among minorities, now the Jains have been included,” the then Minority Affairs minister Abdus Sattar said in the floor of WB Assembly. But poor Jains are deprived off with such benefits. The status of other minorities is still unclear since very few of them are unaware of it.

All welfare schemes are promoted in the name of muslim benefits and their upliftments so other religion people are always in the dark. And muslims are up for grabs, as beggars, in taking benefits.

In the website of West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation, it is clearly stated that, “The Govt. of West Bengal has also notified Jain Community as a Minority Community but as this community is not on the Central government List, it can avail benefits of only those schemes which are undertaken out of the fund granted by the State Government.”

In the present case of sanction a loan upto Rs 1 lac comes under state purview and the loan upto Rs. 5.00 lacs needs approval of NMDFC of Central Govt. As such, the West Bengal State authority can arrange such funds for term loans etc (upto one lac) for Jains, when WB Govt are allocating huge funds for Imam/Muazzin honorarium etc from state revenue, even in an impugned manner.  So, the case of deprivation made upon Sanjib Kumar Jain is bad in law and a blatant violation of Rights to Equality. Moreover, Sanjib has been  discriminated for being a Jain and  not being a Muslim. This is very much dangerous to the entity of the secular texture of Indian Constitution.

As per source, the West Bengal are now trying to suppress various documents and orders for discarding the claim of the present petitioner and disown the status of Jains as minorities in West Bengal. This is alarming enough as none can be discriminated on the ground of religion ordinarily by appeasing others. The Muslim appeasement in West Bengal has no bound here and word ‘Minority’ has been equated with the word ‘Muslim’. Sanjib and other non-Muslim minorities are the victims of this serious situation pampered by one and only Mamata Banerjee (read Mamatz Banu Arjee), the CM, West Bengal.

The Distribution of Islamic Claws on Islamization of West Bengal


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