Proof of vedic influence all over world


A typical ancient Vedic brass lamp from Saudi Arabia. Again it is a sign of the Vedic influence that was and still is found in the Middle East and Arabia. Such lamps are still used in India today. Stories of Allauddin, or Aladdin, and His Lamp come from ancient Vedic India, although many give credit to Arabia.
This image from pre-Islamic Saudi Arabia, displayed at the British Museum, shows goddessSarasvati riding a swan carrier.
 If one looks, a person can find reminders of the ancient Vedic culture in numerous places, even where you least expect. Here for example is an image that is very much like the Vedic Lord Shiva. It is said to be the Roman God Neptune, found in Bologna, Italy on a public fountain. Notice the trident on this statue of Neptune, typical of Shiva. The trident was always an emblem of Lord Shiva. Neptune is also seen here standing…

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