Muslim brotherhood in America 



Muslim brotherhood has deeply infiltrated in USA and they are in all universities, government institutions . Reason for USA and Sunni , Saudi nexus could be understood well when you put all pieces in puzzle.
The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood came to America in 1962 and set up a superstructure of organizations and began infiltrating our universities to promote their agenda.
The Pakistani branch entered in 1971 and intensified the recruitment phase. They also set up 20 jihadi training camps throughout the U.S.
The Palestinian branch entered in 1981 and began media and propaganda campaigns and intensified covert activities on university campuses.

The Somali branch arrived in 1996 and intensified the radicalization process to prepare for the end stage: Jihad.
Phase One: 1962-1971

Creating the Superstructure
In 1962, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, with Saudi Arabian financial backing, entered the U.S. with specific goals and strategies.
The first phase goals were to gather and unify Muslim populations in America by the creation of an organized superstructure designed to take control of mosques and Muslim social and professional activities in the United States. Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members provided training, educational materials, construction projects, mosque building, social welfare services and legal and political representation. Additional funds from Saudi Arabia were used to gain inroads into businesses, major corporate boards, media, and publishing organizations.


The Muslim Brotherhood created their first principal subversive organization in 1962: the Muslim Students Association (MSA). Then MSA spun off more elements of the superstructure including, but not limited to: North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).


The Muslim Student Association (MSA) together with the Muslim American Society (MAS) then formed branch organizations, created to work within the Muslim Brotherhood superstructure. Approximately 20 were created at that time, including the following covert organizations:


The Islamic Medical Association

The Islamic Media Association

Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers

Association of Muslim Social Scientists

Muslim Arab Youth Association


From 1962 on, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) has been placing Muslim Brotherhood Youth members inside universities throughout America.
A major goal of the Muslim Students Association is to establish an Islamic identity throughout the college years and to promote an Islamic “lifestyle” on American university campuses. The overall goal of these Muslim groups is to integrate Islam and Islamic culture into American life, starting at university.
Since 1963, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) has also been involved in creating Islamic publications. Books about Islam are heavily distributed on campuses, but also in mosques throughout America. Many of the publications used on American campuses are meant to create an interest in Islam and to promote conversions to Islam.
During the 1970’s the Muslim Brotherhood placed “legal councils” on American campuses where Muslim students could obtain advice on Islamic Law regarding religious and social issues. This promoted a resistance to assimilating into the American culture. These “legal councils” perpetuated Islamic Laws instead of American laws and promoted the creation of separate and distinct Islamic communities within America.


The MSA then created the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an umbrella group for Muslim students who completed university and who had begun to proceed with their professional life. Concealed under the professional façades mentioned above, such as the Islamic Medical Association and many others, former students continued the Islamic agenda for the rest of their lives under a well organized web of covert activities.
ISNA was created specifically to continue mobilizing and increasing Muslim political activity in America via chosen professions. Under these professional façades the Muslim Brotherhood were able to begin co-opting political campaigns via large monetary contributions.
In 1983, ISNA completed a $21 million dollar headquarters (equivalent of $50 million today) in suburban Indianapolis using funds raised from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Besides the above-mentioned covert political activities via professional façades, today ISNA provides free services for Muslim immigrants so that it can influence the immigrant’s transition and prevent assimilation into American society.


North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)


In 1973, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) created the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). NAIT was a Saudi-backed organization based in Indiana that owned Islamic properties and promoted waaf (Islamic endowments) in America. NAIT became the financial arm of the Muslim Students Association.
NAIT funds the building of mosques and Islamic Law schools throughout America in order to accelerate the growth of Muslim communities. NAIT holds title to enormous amounts of real estate throughout America. It also publishes and distributes Islamic literature, provides legal advice to Muslim organizations, and facilitates and coordinates Islamic community projects. NAIT is also very active in promoting Muslim immigration into America.
More than 30 years later, it was uncovered that three major organizations within the Muslim Brotherhood’s superstructure were affiliated with terrorism. In 2007 the U.S. Court of Appeals held that “the government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT with the Islamic Association for Palestine (a terror group) and with Hamas (another terror group).”


Phase Two: 1971-1981

Recruitment and Radicalization
Phase Two was marked by the arrival of the Pakistani branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and its establishment of a massive conversion campaign and recruitment operation throughout the U.S.


Prisons began to be targeted during this phase to convert inmates to Islam and to radicalize the newly converted. African Americans and Hispanics were highly targeted for conversion to Islam during this phase.


As soon as the Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood entered America in 1971, the Pakistani members began recruiting young people from the Muslim Student Associations, as well as the newly converted American youth that had been targeted in universities during Phase One. The Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood used these young adults to create a Muslim political base in America.


One of the specific goals during this phase in the 1970’s was to create a Muslim political base that would have a strong enough voice to alter the American political system from within.


The Pakistani members created and provided the body politic and the manpower to staff and carry out the goals of the superstructure. The Pakistani Brotherhood also created Armed Training Compounds, i.e., extremist camps, in rural locations in over twenty states. Prison inmates were targeted throughout America for recruitment to these extremist camps upon their release from prison.

Great emphasis on the extreme form of Sunni Islam (Salafi/Wahabi) was emphasized at this time and publications of their doctrines were placed on campuses, in mosques, and in prison recruitment pamphlets.


A program promoting isolation and alienation from mainstream America was also used during this phase. Promoting the wearing of head scarves helped achieve this goal. Head scarfs were also used as a strategy to create a fake persecution and to create sympathy on college campuses, but head scarfs were also used to employ religious separatism in order to gain special status and privileges.


According to the teachings of Mohammad, the main principle for a Muslim community in a non-Muslim country is that it must be separate and “distinct”. Mohammad stated that Muslims must form a separate body and keep their own laws and eventually make the host country comply with Islamic laws.


The wearing of headscarves, beards and other Islamic garb began to be more visible during this phase.


Phase Two also included widespread distribution of pamphlets, brochures and books. Many large Islamic publishing houses were created during this phase to mass produce enormous quantities of publications for distribution at universities, mosques, and any social or professional avenue available to them.


From the time of its creation, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) produced vast amounts of Islamic literature. In the 1970’s, to quash suspicion, NAIT began spreading the propaganda that Islam was “misrepresented” in America; and therefore, these mass quantities of publications were needed. In this way they were able to produce and promote their extremist form of Islam without suspicion.


More recently though, in 2010, NAIT stated that: “No political system should put hindrances in the way of preaching Islam. If someone does this, then it is the duty of Islam to fight him until either he is killed or until he declares his submission.”


NAIT holds title to many hundreds of mosques throughout America – including the extremely large Islamic center outside Washington DC where the Fort Hood terrorist and some of the 9/11 hijackers worshipped.


Phase Three: 1981-1990

Propaganda and Mass Media

In 1981 the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas) entered America. At this time, several propaganda organizations began, as well as the establishment of vast fundraising organizations for the promotion of the Islamic agenda in America. During this phase an aggressive political agenda began.
During this phase the Muslim Brotherhood focused heavily on co-opting politicians and academics via large monetary gifts, contributions and endowments via their well-established “professional facades”.


Via the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was used to politicize students on college campuses, most notably in the 23 California State University campuses, but this politicizing of American students quickly spread to university campuses throughout America via the Muslim Student Associations that were now extremely well-established in all major universities.


During this phase, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was created and masqueraded as a civil rights organization in order to create a public and political presence, but also designed to cover for and defend Muslim Brotherhood subversive strategies.


CAIR coaches Muslims and lawyers to create false lawsuits claiming racism or prejudice. Thanks to CAIR, this was the phase where we began to see Islamic prayer rooms added into our schools and universities; halal food offered at school and university cafeterias; crosses taken down at Christian and Catholic Universities — all via claims of racism or prejudice when there were no acts of racism or prejudice committed; it was a well-calculated ploy to transition our schools into becoming more Islamic and less Judeo-Christian.


The Muslim Brotherhood created “political correctness” regarding Islam during this phase and preyed on American weaknesses regarding fears of racism and prejudice. Americans were easily silenced and all suspicion was removed regarding ulterior motives behind the false claims of racism.


By the 1990’s the Muslim Student Association (MSA) was firmly established in all of our top universities: MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, University of Chicago, Yale and many others.
MSA groups in all 23 of the California State University campuses began to be extremely active in political issues, most especially anti-Israel campaigns.


During Phase Three, several of MSA’s most active leaders nationwide followed the teachings of Abdullah Azzam, a Muslim Brotherhood member who was Osama bin Laden’s mentor and a founding member of al-Qaeda.


The Muslim Brotherhood implemented Islamic political life on campuses by marginalizing other viewpoints and displacing those viewpoints, usually via “racist” threats, but their media organizations were also put to work at this time to deny American youth truthful knowledge of events occurring in the near and middle east, and particularly in Israel.
By 1990, MSA initiated a university event called “Islam Awareness Week”, an entire week of Islamic propaganda aimed at the youth of America. At first this event was said to “introduce” Islam, and appeared harmless, consisting mostly of ethnic music and food. But the activities added to this weeklong event began to include a well-established propaganda campaign.
“Islam Awareness Week” is funded and organized by ISNA, a very dangerous Muslim Brotherhood organization that promotes Islamic Law in America and jihad to implement it. Since 2003, the daily speeches at “Islam Awareness Week” events are given by prominent, well-known Islamist extremists, the same speakers who appear at the ISNA annual conventions.*
Free ethnic food is provided during “Islam Awareness Week” to entice university students to congregate in large numbers and to thereby listen to the highly motivating and propagandized speeches. These events glorify Islam, brainwash our youth, and make Islam appear to be the “ideal religion”.
These events also promote the idea that there is prejudice against Muslims in America, hence making our youth defend Islam as “the religion of peace”. These events have planted the seeds of “pro-Islam liberalism” into our political mainstream.


Phase Four: 1990 to the Present

Escalation of Islamic Supremacy and Radicalization in America
Phase Four is marked by the emergence of a radicalized, increasingly violent Muslim population comprised of both immigrants and U.S. born citizens. The Muslim Brotherhood influence, often hostile and confrontational, is now being felt in a variety of ways, including their alignment with Black Lives Matter.
Bear in mind when reading the following examples, that proportionately, the Muslim population does not represent a large enough number to qualify to make most of the following demands, yet via the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims have become so powerful, that they are fully able to implement the following:


* Demands for changes to school calendars to recognize Muslim holidays, while simultaneously removing Christian holidays (Easter became Spring Break, Christmas became Winter Break).
* Demands to integrate Muslim prayer rooms into schools, while simultaneously demanding crosses be removed at Christian schools.
* Mosques were built, or were attempted to be built, in locations of great importance (ex: Ground Zero Mosque) to assert supremacy of Islam over traditional American religious identity.


* Demands for zoning exemptions in order to build massive mega mosque complexes which are designed to intimidate local communities by physically dwarfing traditional churches and synagogues, and thereby ostracizing the native community, often forcing them to re-locate.
* Workplace disruptions or demands based on false claims of religious persecution or racism.
* Demands to remove the pledge of allegiance due to its reference to God and/or allegiance to American values.
* Sponsoring anti-American, anti-West hate speeches in mosques (and at a growing number of universities).


* Facilitation of “homegrown terrorism” while running a sophisticated and very aggressive denial and deception campaign.


* Training and use of weapons both domestically and overseas in anticipation of the “Islamic Zero Hour” (aka Global Jihad).


* Using Islamic garb (head scarfs, beards, Islamic clothing) to intimidate, but also used in confrontational ways to promote false claims of racism or prejudice.


* CAIR intensified the number of false claims of Muslim persecution via their “Islamophobia” campaign.


* Muslim Student Associations aligned themselves with groups like Black Lives Matter on the common grounds of “racism” and “prejudice”, though this alignment is primarily used for disruption and violence and intense anti-police rhetoric in order to disable the police from responding appropriately to violence.
* The Pakistani and Somali branches of the Muslim Brotherhood have been knowingly training and radicalizing Muslims in preparation for Jihad (the FBI is fully aware of all 23 jihadi camps yet is prevented from closing them).Read more here-

Muslim brotherhood in America


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