Baba Amte V/S Mother Teresa


While Mother Teresa was told by Vatican to come in India for conversion for the name of service as all Christian Missionary still are doing it, BABA AMTE DILL SELFLESS SERVICE WITHOUT EXPECTING ANY SAINTHOOD OR MEDAL. India forgot him because he was Indian as they do.


Have you heard about Baba Amte and his Family ???

Baba was the name given to him – it was not a religious title.
Baba Amte was born in a rich family. He had his own sports cars in 1920s. He was a lawyer in 1930s and had a great practice in Wardha
But he joined freedom struggle – defended indians imprisoned by british and went to jail in quit india movement
After independence he started serving people with leprosy and tribals in Gond through ANANDWAN {if possible try to visit Anadwan once]

He wanted to prove that Leprosy is not very contagious and so…

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