Mother Teresa defended notorious paedophile priest – Nelson Jones

Missionary of death that came to India to convert. They do not have guts to convey Muslim for fear of throat sliced. Indians were too timid after Buddhism came with Ashoka propogated it. Before Ashoka , no body dare to come to India. Buddhism has disintegrated India. And Islam and British almost finished it. But I see hope for revival of Dharma and end of modern religion of Christianity and Islam.

Bharata Bharati

Mother Teresa

Read SF Weekly story ‘Tainted Saint’ by Peter Jamison here

Nelson Jones“Paedophile priest Fr. Donald McGuire was a high-flying Jesuit, an inspirational preacher whose conservative views matched Mother Teresa’s own. His association with Mother Teresa dated from 1981, when he was introduced to her by another leading Jesuit, John Hardon, an adviser to Cardinal Ratzinger — now Pope Benedict XVI — who is also said to be considered saint material. McGuire went on to become a confessor and spiritual director to Mother Teresa’s religious order. Her successor Sister Nirmala described him in a letter submitted on his behalf to the court as ‘one of the very few priests to whom … [Mother Teresa] entrusted the spiritual care of the Missionaries of Charity.'” – Nelson Jones

Fr Donald McGuire SJ & Mother Teresa MCShe was one of the world’s most beloved and revered religious figures, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who remains, in the public imagination, the tiny, saintly…

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