Dark secret of Mother Teresa-Exposed

Dark secret of Mother Teresa-Not a saint but corrupted and conversion saint-ANTI CHRIST


All saints are manufactured by religious organizations. Mother Teresa is no exception.
Remember Bhopal tragedy? ( city in Madhya Pradesh state of India). It happened on 3rd December 1984 in the early hours. 3,800 workers in Union carbides factory died in their sleep due to leakage of methyl isocyanate gas. It was total shock to the civilized world. At that juncture Mother Teresa flew from Kolkata city to Bhopal. She had not gone there to console the families of the victims but to plead that the management of Union Carbide be forgiven. That is Mother Teresa! The factory was closed and management paid compensation after 20 years.
Sushan Sheilds who worked with Mother Teresa for 9 years dealing with her accounts of donations revealed that there was $ 50 million in New York Bank .The amount was received by various donors. That amount was supposed to be spent for poor…

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