“Syrians will never forget Hamas betrayal. We gave them weapons against the Israelis but they turned those guns on us”

The Muslim Issue

Western media want to avoid publishing the fact that the THIRD largest group of Jihadist in Syria are Palestinians. They generally mention that the largest group of Isis terrorists consist of Saudi’s and Tunisians but like to leave out the third largest group of fighters: Palestinians. The origin of these terrorists will reveal where the largest funding and support for Isis originates from. Qatar recruits from Tunisia and train fighters in the country. Qatar and Saudi Arabia also forced civilians, women, handicapped, and children to serve as sex-jihadi slaves and involuntary bomb fodder for suicide missions in Syria when Isis posed as “rebels”.

In 2013 Qatar hired 3,000 terrorists from Tunisia and tried to ship them to Burma to create mass-jihad against the small Buddhist country. They complained that they had tried to infiltrate the country many times with Muslim fighters but failed due to the efficient Burmese military keeping…

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