Incas Of Peru Ancestors Tamils Celebrate Makara Sankaranti

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I have posted articles that the Sanatana Dharma was in place in the pre-Columbian History,Incas.( 13 century)

The Capital of Incas,Cusco was in Peru.

The Inca Empire was divided into Four Regions as in Ancient Tamils, Kurinji,Mullai,Marutham, Neythal , based on Geography.

The Fifth one Palai is desert.

Considering the fact that they were following most of the customs that are similar to the Customs of Sanatana Dharma. I checked and was pleasantly surprised to find that,

Tamil script 11 century An inscription in Old Tamil script (Vatte- luttu) from the Later Chola period, circa 11th century AD. Old Tamil is a direct descendant of the Brahmi writing system..jpg

The Ayar-Incas that primitive Aryan words and people came to America especially from Indo-Arya by the island chains ofPolynesia. The very name of the boat in Mexico is a South Indian (Tamil) word: Catamaran.”-

The Ayar-Incas (2 Volume Set): 1. Monuments, Culture…

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