Gaya In Greece Palasha Dweepa Greeks Ancestor Pelasgus From India

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There is a sloks for the Palnet Ketu in Hinduism,

‘Palasa Pushpa Sanakaasam Thaarakarka Mastakam,

Roudram Roudraatmakam Goram Tham ketum Pranamaamyakam’

This is a Navagraha Mantra dedicated to Ketu.

The Flower palasa is dedicated to him.

‘Butea Frondosa’ is the botanical name for what is known in Sanskrit as ‘Palasha’ (पलाश) tree, commonly called ‘the Flame of the Forest’ in English.

Palasha Flower.jpg Palasha’ (पलाश) The Sanskrit name for ‘Butea Frondosa’ The Greek name ‘Pelasagus’ originates from Sanskrit ‘Palasha.

The Puranas while describing the Earth, state that there is an Island Palasa dweepa.

Petra Jordan Temple.jpg Petra Jordan Shiva Temple? The Petra Temple in Jordan has also been identified as Rekem-Gaya which means ‘Red-Gaya’.

In Greek history, Pelasgus was the ancestor of the Pelasgians, a population that were the ancestors of the Greeks – that is they preceded the Greeks and were the source of all knowledge that one sees later in the so-called Greek…

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